Toftrees Golf Resort’s hotel guest rooms and banquet and event spaces have closed as the property prepares to undergo a major redevelopment, according to a message on the resort’s website.

The resort in Patton Township “will emerge in 2025 as a stunning new four star luxury hotel,” after the anticipated $50 million rebuild project, for which plans were introduced in 2022.

“When we reopen, we will be introducing a new level of hospitality and accommodations never before seen in Happy Valley,” the message said.

The Field Burger & Tap restaurant will remain open in its current space through the end of March, and will reopen in the new hotel upon completion. The Marriott Golf Course is expected to remain open throughout construction, and the club is currently accepting 2024 memberships.

Plans submitted by property owner State College Friends LLC call for a new five-story, 154-room hotel — 52 more rooms than the current hotel — that is expected to join Marriott’s Autograph Collection of independently operated luxury hotels. Bob Poole, State College Friends managing member, told the Patton Township Board of Supervisors in 2022 that the plan is for “a really high-end resort.”

With hopes of attracting more leisure and business travelers, as well as more events, the resort plans also include a conference center, expanded meeting space, private dining room, a 4,000-square-foot luxury spa, a pool, a tennis court, pickleball courts, a private dining room, courtyards ane event lawns and a new clubhouse and a pro shop.

According to information presented to the township in 2022, the expansion and upgrade is projected create an additional 137 permanent full-time jobs representing $7.3 million in annual employee wage compensation, as well as 399 temporary construction jobs generating $26.4 million in labor income.

Patton Township supervisors approved a zoning change in January increase to increase the maximum building height from 50 feet to 75 feet on the resort property Poole explained that expanding upward instead of outward would allow for a more efficient experience for guests and staff, enable better stormwater management and increase green space to be used for purpose-specific guest lawns.

Supervisors also approved increasing the number of permitted residential units in the Toftrees Planned Community to allow 50 residential units to be constructed within the 140,000-square-foot resort property. No residential units currently exist on the property, but Poole told the board the new homes would help to reduce the overall cost of the redevelopment project.

General access to the renovated property will be from a new road off Toftrees Avenue west of the current access point at Country Club Lane. The new road, which will be across the street from the entrance to Turtle Creek apartments, will remedy visibility issues experienced by drivers using Country Club Lane, which will remain only as a service driveway.

The project received a $2.5 million state grant from Pennsylvania’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program to support selected demolition, infrastructure improvements, utilities, landscaping, lighting and other site work.

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