There’s no question Penn State can change much about its season in just a few days when it takes on Michigan but in the meanwhile a chance to look ahead to a slowly coming-into-focus bowl landscape still provides Penn State fans with plenty to look forward win or lose on Saturday.

Sporting News, 247 Network, CBS Sports, Action Network, ESPN: Peach Bowl against Alabama, Tulane or Ole Miss

We’re not going to parse out who predicted which opponent but it is worth noting that Ole Miss and Alabama both came up twice during the scouring the internet process. Starting at the top Alabama continues to be the most interesting postseason opponent Penn State could face by virtue of quality, history and interest level. The ever changing landscape of college football could very well see Penn State and Alabama facing off more often down the road, but for now Penn State fans should relish the chance to enjoy this potential matchup each and every time it comes to the surface. The Tide might very well play their way into the conversation but like Penn State they might end up needing some help to actually get in.

As for Tulane, Penn State will be happy to face a quality team, but getting a second Group of Five team in a bowl game since 2017 would be less fun than some other options. That’s not a knock on Tulane, but that’s a far cry from an Alabama matchup. Ole Miss would be a fun matchup for Penn State’s defense and Lane Kiffin is never boring to be around. Everything about these potential opponents will change in the coming weeks and plenty could change if Penn State beats Michigan this weekend.

ESPN: Fiesta Bowl against Oregon

This feels like a second fiddle situation compared to the potential of facing Alabama in Atlanta but the Fiesta Bowl is fun and Oregon and Penn State getting Round 1 in prior to the Ducks officially joining the Big Ten is a good time even if it’s about to be a lot more common. The changing Big Ten might dull the excitement level here slightly, but can’t argue that this would be a fun and compelling game at a great bowl site.

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