What’s the old saying? “Cut off your nose to spite your face.” Make a decision or do something that in the long run will hurt you more than help you.

The headlines seem to be filled with these stories lately. Has common sense truly gone out the window?

In Congress the Republicans barely control the House of Representatives. Several members have decided to resign recently because they’re just fed up with the dysfunction in D.C. That narrow number to control the House is almost down to one. 

And yet, firebrand representatives like Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia continue to pour gasoline on the fire with outlandish moves like trying to bounce the latest GOP Speaker of the House recently. Not understanding or much caring that her extreme right brand of conservatism is turning off more and more people, instead she pours it on to the point where Democrats could actually retake the House BEFORE the November general elections. Then where does she think she’d be?

Cutting off your nose to spite your face. 

In New York City a revenge-filled district attorney with some help from a truly wacky judge decided the two of them were not only going to punish Donald Trump, they were going to destroy him all by themselves.

That’s the only rational reason why this judge handed down a civil verdict against The Donald to the tune of over $460 million, payable by March 25 else some of Trump’s properties might get sold off. Trump and company allegedly inflated the value of their properties in order to get better loans from banks and investment firms, something that many homeowners have tried in the last few years to make as much $$$$$ as possible from a sale.

But none of those banks or firms lost money. In fact they were all paid back with interest. Everybody won. There was no flagrant crime here, just Trump being Mr. Art of the Deal as he’s always been. Yet the “penalty” for this was not just a verdict against him but a truly staggering sum of money owed.

On March 25 another NY court cut that total amount owed by more than half, still a giant chunk of change but not the windfall the DA and Judge wanted. And the complaining was made loudly by some on the political left that Trump got away with cheating. Remember he still owes around $175 million for what could be called a non-crime – how do you see that he got away with anything?

And do these so-called intelligent people not realize that if they had actually tried to claim any of Trump’s properties, probably a large majority of Americans would see this as vindication of the so-called “deep state” and shadow government wanting to again preserve their power and strike down anyone against them. The move would have boomeranged and probably would have assured Trump of a November election win.

Cutting off your nose to spite your face.

In Boston there’s a call for reparations for Black Americans because of slavery, which ended over 150 years ago. And the price tag? Around $15 billion dollars of somebody’s money. In this case someone had the audacity to say that “white churches” should foot the bill because of things that happened maybe over 200 years ago. 

From one news story, the breakout would be “$5 billion in direct cash payments to Black Boston residents, a $5 billion investment in new financial institutions and $5 billion to address the racial education education gap and for anti-crime measures.” At least the story pointed out that Boston’s annual budget doesn’t even equal $5 billion dollars a year. But that’s OK, the churches can pay. WHITE churches. Just write and handout the checks. 

And apparently with a straight face these activists think that the checks will bring equality. Just hand people a pile of money to solve the problems. Call it the Powerball-Mega Millions Solution. 

Do these people have any idea how much animosity will be stirred up if this cockamamie plan actually happens? It’s not about equality, it’s about revenge. Why look forward to the future and work on true social equality when we can fleece one group to hand to another group? Isn’t that what happened to start this saga? Sure, let’s just repeat it in the other direction now. Just write the checks even if you can’t really afford them. Who cares if real equality would then be sabotaged for decades to come?

Cutting off your nose to spite your face. 

Another line we use on Let’s Talk too frequently – common sense still counts for something, even if these so-called intelligent people can’t see it. Hopefully the rest of us can and then can start to let these people above know how out-of-touch they really are. 

Want to see an interesting video? Click here to watch a thought provoking nine minutes.

Now, we’re not politicking for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for President. He has some “interesting” takes on some issues that we don’t agree with.

But with all the hot air out from blowhard politicians right now, this presentation makes you think. Instead of fearmongering, panic and name calling, this piece actually has a positive view of America and our standing in the world. Something to aspire to. Not MAGA Make America Great Again – but just Make American Great, Ronald Reagan’s vision of the shining city on a hill. 

It’s what the majority of Americans of all types and stripes really want for the future and our children’s future. And it’s what we’re clearly not getting from Washington and both major political parties. 

Is there hope out there for the giant majority of our nation who don’t live on the two extreme fringes of right and left? Maybe, just maybe…

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