Counting down to the Super Bowl as we write this post. Some feel this year’s game and broadcast could set all time viewing records. The Taylor Swift effect? Well, that’s part of it for sure. 

And those commercials that people actually WANT to watch during the game? This year they cost a staggering $7 million for a 30-second commercial. Heck, at that rate one 30-second commercial would have 98.7 The Fox set for the next several YEARS. Anybody want to buy one $7 million 30 second commercial on Let’s Talk? We’ll throw in a few more free commercials and a wash and wax by the Ironhead for good measure. Call us…

We seem to be surrounded by insanity already in 2024. $7 million for a half minute commercial is INSANE – yet companies buy them. What else is insane?

  • A Trump-Biden rematch for President in this year’s election. The majority of Americans still say they don’t want that – but we seem powerless to stop it. The next nine months will certainly be…interesting…
  • Punxsutawney Phil DIDN’T see his shadow last week? Sure, an early spring this week but then (stormy sounds in the background) I fear the little guy will be snowed in at his stoop. 
  • College basketball players being recognized as school EMPLOYEES? Might happen at Dartmouth College of the once esteemed Ivy League. A National Labor Relations Board official made the ruling this week. Now those 15 men’s hoops players could apparently vote to join a union, and off we go. Who’s next, music students made employees because they entertained at a concert?
  • But let’s dig deeper here – after further review we found out that only football players get athletic scholarships at Dartmouth. Everyone else might get some grant support but not for sports. So maybe those men’s basketball players deserve some moolah. One problem – we also checked and found out that an average Dartmouth hoops game draws only 693 fans. Guess those basketball players will make minimum wage.
  • Speaking of minimum wage, more pushes out there for a huge hike to a $15 minimum. Here in PA it’s still only $7.25, the federal minimum. Is that too low? Of course it is. But to more than double the minimum wage? Have you checked out the dollar menu lately at your favorite fast food restaurant? Of course not – because it doesn’t exist anymore. One well known chain now bills their cheapo menu at “$3 and less” – and probably not much less…
  • Climate change is driving people insane. A recent story from Time Magazine is titled “7 Ways to Deal with Climate Despair.” We’re not making that up. The story claims that two third of Americans are worried about global warming. Maybe two thirds of Americans live near a coastline? We’ve said it on Let’s Talk – we folks are fortunate to live where we do.
  • The Time story also claims that 10% of Americans are  unable to stop worrying about climate change and have felt depressed over concerns for the planet. Time for a reality check – Earth has been around for 4,500 million years according to science. People have maybe been around for one million years. Compare the numbers. The planet will go on despite us no matter what happens. She’ll be around long after we’re all gone.
  • What to do about climate insecurity? Apparently there are climate therapists out there now. Sit on the couch and talk about the lack of snow. Among other things the Time story mentions – talk about your climate advocacy work at parties, just the pick-me-up any party needs. Or this line – “a hike in the woods is lovely, but the unseasonable warmth unnerves you.” For goodness sakes – go enjoy the walk in the woods and be thankful for the opportunity.
  • Want to really be worried about something? How many people here illegally are floating around America right now? And of that number, how many former criminals and terrorists? Gotta be a least a few. Note the recent incident where a number of illegal immigrants kicked and punched a pair of New York City police officers trying to apprehend someone. Several were arrested, then amazingly set free – insane? And then they apparently skipped town and no one knows where they are. Good bet they took Interstate 80 west – let’s hope they kept going. 
  • The Detroit Lions actually got within a few plays of this year’s Super Bowl? Totally nuts…
  • Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce? Oh come on. Who saw THAT coming? 

A suggestion – tune in to Let’s Talk weekdays mornings. You may not always agree with us but at least it’s reality. 

With all this insanity, maybe we should create a new giveaway on the program. We can call it The Nostradamus Game. Callers can make wild predictions on things that will happen this year or in the coming weeks, and the person who comes closest to something actually happening wins a prize. Need to work on an equally insane prize for the winner. Stay tuned…

And BTW, many thanks for listening to Let’s Talk and 98.7 FM The Fox!

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