Typing away during another boisterous Republican presidential debate…

Four candidates talking over each other, although not as badly as prior debates. Three politicians and a young successful businessman who is a really good talker. 

And the missing candidate – again. The elephant not in the room.

The polls are clear – the LARGE majority of Americans don’t want a Trump vs. Biden rematch. Is that truly a foregone conclusion? 

President Biden stated this week (without thinking) that he’s only running again because Trump is running. His staff probably pulled the 81 year old into a room afterward and said SHHHH. For Democrats reading this – are you really confident? The polls say no, Trump has a two point lead head to head – but no one seemingly has the courage to stand up and say enough already, we need someone new and FAST. 

There’s the frustration that the great majority of Americans share – here we go again. So many of our fellow citizens feel trapped – in an economy with high interest rates and prices where 10 million more Americans need to get by with food stamps/SNAP benefits. Not that they want to but they HAVE to. Wall Street big shots are making plenty of $$$$$$ again but most of the rest of us aren’t. 

Maybe these four candidates are really jockeying to be Mr. Trump’s vice presidential candidate (although write off Chris Christie for that job, he’s now the anti-Trump proudly.)

What about these four? One man’s opinion…

Vivek Ramaswamy – smart guy, quick lip, openly abrasive, always on the attack. Yes, the guy makes a few good points as the non-politician in the group. He clearly has business acumen, something needed. But also has some pretty extreme positions (abandon Ukraine and Israel, for instance.) He’s still popular especially with younger voters but the majority see him as a smart mouth firebrand. Uphill battle for him. What kind of Commander in Chief would he be?

Nikki Haley – the current flavor of the month who has gained money backers recently. She has some good positions as well and as a Republican woman she has that in her favor – female candidates are only supposed to be a Democrat thing according to some. She has executive experience as a former Governor but does she has the drive to take on Trump? Forget Biden (who she has been smoking in some recent polls,) it’s the former President and her former boss that she needs to beat.

Ron DeSantis – somehow is still the #2 Republican candidate. The guy is just not a good debater, not his thing. He also has some good positions and made some good points in the debate but the camera doesn’t flatter him, catches him in some fake looking expressions (really needs to work on his smile.) For many voters it’s about the LOOK, not the substance. No, not the right thinking but true. His military experience is a plus and it’s OK to say that. But THE LOOK, needs to work on that.

Chris Christie – no surprise that he had the least amount of time among the four candidates. But of the four, would he make the best Commander in Chief? No nonsense guy, pugnacious and not afraid to take on the missing elephant. God forbid but he’s actually growing on me. Not perfect, none of them are, but he makes logical arguments with his responses….when given the chance. 

The real winner Wednesday night? NewsNation, a channel that most people have probably never heard of. They want this to be their rocket into the stratosphere that Fox News primarily inhabits, not as a far right outlet but as a “balanced” source that currently employs reporters formerly from both left and right leaning news agencies. I’ll be curious to see if their ratings go up after this event and if this was their coming out party. 

Anyone have their mind changed Wednesday night? Hope you’ll call in to our Let’s Talk program some morning between 8 and 10 AM during our open line time. Our program is a conversation and we hope you’ll join the discussion one day soon. No matter your views, you’re always welcome. And thanks for listening. 

P.S. That was the last Republican presidential debate. Try not to shed any tears…

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