Hello Happy Valley and Merry Christmas from Scott on this latest 25th of December. The weather is pretty mild in the neighborhood – so much for Bing Crosby’s famous tune. Snow? Maybe next year…which is just a week away BTW…

Why writing on a holiday? FREE TIME – and the NBA never did it for me anyway. Now the NFL has a tripleheader on air, another way to pass the time when the Christmas morning package opening has concluded. Thanksgiving Part 2. 

The countdown to the Peach Bowl Saturday is on. Noon kickoff. Listen and watch for coverage on SPORTS Radio 98.7 FM The Fox shows all this week. And the Ironhead Jeff Byers will share thoughts during our NEWS Let’s Talk program Thursday and Friday morning as well.

A BIG thank you to charitable folks we’ve talked to on Let’s Talk recently – the local Toys for Tots volunteers who gathered and distributed toys for hundreds of local kids in the last two weeks so they could have a merrier Christmas. And all of our local food banks who gathered and distributed a LOT of food to those in need in the area. Great effort, even greater folks. We take care of our own here. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed our guests on Let’s Talk this fall. From local politicians to No Labels, from top horror movies to an upcoming sci fi convention, from politics to local issues and more – and we’re just getting started. Please keep listening, on air or via our recordings here on the website. And here comes election season – ohhhhhh boy… 🙂

Be ready for some high school sports tournament action this week. Watch our HS scoreboard here on the 98.7 Fox website, we’ll let you know who did what. 

As 2023 draws to a conclusion, it’s been an interesting last four and a half months. We mentioned at the start that we’d be taking baby steps with The Fox and we’ve followed the plan. We’ve had some bumps in the road as expected – beginning a new start-up radio station from scratch has been the challenge we thought. Periodic tech issues, unexpected items, other surprises, gradually preparing for this website – one step at a time.

In this season we are so thankful for YOU, our listeners and now website readers. Our audience has been gradually growing, both listeners and sponsors. and we’re looking forward to a great 2024 but ready for more challenges. Our baby steps will continue.

For those listening last Thursday I revealed my rather serious hearing problem, something I’ve dealt with over the last eight years but now at the point where I now need surgical intervention in the new year. My personal 2024 will be quite a challenge in itself, probably the entire year – but I’ll be busy behind the scenes to support the 98.7 The Fox crew every way I can. Be ready for interesting talk show guests, fun new features and contests, and a truly multimedia website. And with an estimated 45 million Americans suffering from some form of hearing loss, I plan to be sharing my story throughout 2024 as I hopefully make a progression toward better hearing. It worked for Rush Limbaugh over nearly two decades, I hope for the same. 

We’re looking forward to starting our new website newsletter early in the new year. Thank you to those listeners who have shared their email address with us already via past contests, or watch for your chance to join the list to receive our weekly written outreach to you. We promise not to share your address with others, just for our own missive. 

The media landscape has certainly changed in recent years, and not for the better. We and some other new regional journalism outlets are working to change that. In the past those different options would have been competitors – that’s not how we see things now. All are doing good work. That’s one reason we share direct links to THEIR websites here on ours, under the Local News link on the home page. Please use us as a connection to their valuable sites to always stay in the know. 

OK the Eagles game is on now and I’m hungry so it’s time to wrap things up. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours – and get ready 2024!

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