Whether it’s the trending minimalist lifestyle or the realization of unused toys cluttering our spaces, as we unload boxes of decorations taking up entire closets, the concept of a consumable Christmas is one I’m here to champion.

The Concept of Consumable Christmas

The term “consumable” might sound wasteful, but in this context, it’s about gifts, decor and experiences meant to be enjoyed, experienced and “consumed” — focused on making memories rather than clutter.

Nature-Forward Consumable Decor

Imagine a home adorned with a real Christmas tree, lush garlands, fresh-cut flowers and heavenly scented potpourri simmering on the stove. Cozy, welcoming and stunning. Now, envision clean-up —compost the greens; recycle, donate or re-use your vase. Your entire holiday decor condenses to a few boxes of keepsake ornaments.

Consumable Gifting

For that someone notoriously hard to shop for, consumable gifts shine. Shopping for the hostess? Consider a grazing box featuring locally made artisan cheese and spirits. For the green thumb enthusiast, indoor or outdoor bulbs for wintertime growing or seed-saving kits. And for the cozy homebody, a soy wax candle that burns cleanly and fragrantly, with jars that can be reused or recycled.

Merry Memory Making

Experiential gifts are priceless. Rooted Farmstead’s “Black Cup Club” taught us this, where members picked flowers every week of the growing season. Consider class and workshop tickets, memberships to local museums and art studios, restaurant gift certificates, CSA memberships, spa and salon gift certificates and more. These memory-making gifts also support local small businesses in your community farms, boutiques, nonprofits, restaurants, salons and more.

Rooted Farmstead’s Nature-Forward Gifts

This holiday season, Rooted Farmstead is your destination for a nature-forward, memory-making Christmas. From fragrant soy wax candles and all-natural potpourri to fresh compostable wreaths and vibrant bouquets to the memories made through our “Black Cup Club” memberships, we curate gifts that align with the spirit of the season, without the clutter.

Rooted Farmstead Holiday Market Days

Join us for Rooted Farmstead’s Holiday Market Day on Saturday Dec. 16. Explore nature-forward gifts and decor, shop local artisan vendors, enjoy delicious food and beverages and soak in the holiday cheer — all while supporting local small businesses.

Christie Holloway is the owner of Rooted Farmstead, a flower farm and agritourism destination at 138 Scott Avenue Bellefonte.

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